Friday, November 30, 2012

a seriously terrible blogger

I found a new blog today.  It's just dandy, and once I found it, I had to start at the beginning and read all her posts.  I'm only up to October 2010, but I love her.  She's hysterical and her dog and husband are cute - not necessarily in that order.
I also realized something as I've been reading her blog.  My blog doesn't have to be about anything specific.  I think that it is enough that it is about me :)!  My life is awesome enough to blog about, and there's the fact  I am not motivated enough to have a DIY/house blog like John and Sherry or Marian, nor am I as interesting as Natalie, with her cute husband and adorable son.
I am, however, dorky enough to share things about my life that people might want to see and know, and I'm okay with that.
Tonight, I'm starting with my refridgerator.  It's clean!  Not just oh yeah, your fridge isn't gross - I mean clean!  I took everything out and scrubbed it and put it back.  I do want to go on record as saying my fridge is never gross, but the fact that it's clean, is awesome.  It's rare that everything in my house is clean at the same time, so I celebrate the small things.
See what I mean?  It looks awesome in there.
So, for now, this blog is going to just be me.  There will be posts about furniture I redo, because I do love to do that, and there will be posts about very slowly renovating our house - I'm talking snails pace, people.  Even if no one reads it, I need some sort of outlet, and I'm determined that this will be it.