Saturday, May 16, 2009


The girl and I are scrapbooking at Holly's today, but of course I walked out of the house without my project, so now I'm going to have to work on thank you cards tonight. So many people have done so much for me lately and I feel terrible that I'm so far behind on giving thank you cards!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

You can never have too many

When we moved into the house, I dumped my boxes (yes boxes) of shoes into the closet in the craft room with the idea that I would go through them and get them organized later. The man decided to help me and got them all out and lined them up in the hallway. I'm not sorry to say that this picture doesn't even show them all. There are some around the corner at the end of the hall and more by my feet as I'm taking the picture. I think he thought it was funny at first, but I didn't mind them being there and it made it easier to decide which pair to wear the next day.

A couple days later we picked them up and put them back in the closet. I still need to go through them, but it was nice to visit with them for a little while.

orange closet

When I decorate, I tend to lean towards earthy colors - I like the browns and reds. It's rare that I pick a bright color, unless as an accent piece or something. For some reason, this house has me turned upside down. My family thinks I'm nuts and they man wants to put a hazardous waste sign on the hall closet. Every bedroom in this house is a different shade of blue.
The master bedroom has two pink walls and two baby blue walls. The kitchen/living/hall are actually two different shades of green. We've decided to live with the colors as they are until we are able to spend some time on each individual room and make the place our own. That being said, we have a closet in the hall that we think used to house the water heater and I thought it would be fun to paint it orange. I couldn't live with this color in my living room, but it's a pretty color and I thought it would be a cute little wink to whoever opens the closet. I forgot to take beforfe pictures, but the first pic was taken after I had primed the space. The second is the first coat of the orange. It needs another coat, but I love it. I think I'll do the coat closet and the linen closet in the same color :)