Monday, June 22, 2009


The man was grumpy yesterday, which made me grumpy. It's not my fault he couldn't sleep the other night. He knows better than to drink iced tea at night. So, he woke up at 4am and couldn't fall back to sleep. NOT MY FAULT! That didn't stop him from taking it out on me when I found a beautiful wooden door that I had to have - for free! He plays baseball and I was on my way to his game - crossing the school's basketball court, when I saw the beautiful thing I absolutely needed. It's blue, the paint is chipped and most of the hardware had been taken off. I didn't want it to use it, I wanted it for decoration. I talked about it all during the game, so after, Connie helped carry it to me car. I couldn't get it in mine, so when the man got back to his, I asked him if we could put it in the van. He picked it up, almost without help, and tossed it in the back - without speaking to me at all. He then got in the van and drove off. It's a good thing I drove myself, or I'd still be standing in that parking lot! I got home right after he did and was standing by the back of the van when he opened the door. We pulled it out and he walked away - still not talking to me! He never not talks to me. Five hours later, after a very long nap (him) and dropping the kid off, picking the kid up, grocery shopping and cooking dinner for seven (me), he woke up like nothing had happened at all.

I tried to stay grumpy with him, but when I got home today, he had planted the lillys we bought and started putting down the little patio I decided I wanted by the front door.

Have I mentioned how many pavers the people who lived here before us left? Next time, I'll post pictures of the pretty door and the planter that the man and the girl built for the front of our house.