Friday, May 14, 2010

I am not a stalker!

When the Osbornes was on MTV, I lived with my mom, and aunt and we became slightly obsessed with the show. I've always liked Ozzy, but the TV show let us fall in love with the whole family. My aunt, daughter and I spent 5 hours one day driving around Bel Air looking for this house. My aunt had seen Sharon on Rosie's show and found out what neighborhood they lived in - so we thought. After driving for hours, we discovered that they actually lived in Beverly Hills. We found someone who sells maps of the stars homes and she had their address. Finally, mecca!

We continued watching the show (of course) and made several more trips to visit Ozzy and Sharon. Whenever we had guests from out of town, the house was a stop on our sightseeing trip.

If you watched the show, you know that the family had a lot of dogs. Way too many dogs, if you ask me, but there was one in particular that was just awesome. It was Jack's dog Lola. This is her in the photo below. I decided that I had to have a dog like her. Let's never mind that I don't really want a dog, this one was too cute.

Cut to today, when I was visiting one of our customers, a hospital, and I met this therapy dog. She was so laid back and calm, it just reinforced my desire to get a dog.

When I got home, I showed her picture to the man, who rolled his eyes at me. I think I'm going to have to do some more convincing before I get a dog. Wouldn't she make a cute puppy though?

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I promised myself earlier today that I would blog more, so here we go :). This is my workspace. I have a whole room in my house that I got to turn into my craft room and this is my desk. Maybe, when the room is clean, I'll take more pictures. Right now, you can tell that I'm working on glittering some eggs. Eggs I bought last year and wanted to glitter, but never got around to it. As Holly says "you might as well do it for next year" when I realized Easter was only a week away. Oh well. maybe I'll decorate for Easter 2012!

Ok, short post, but I'm sure this will get easier when I finish a project or two. Right now, I'm working on painting my outside table so I can get the umbrella up and pretend it time for summer. I forgot to take a before picture of that, but I'll definately take an after picture :)

I'm a terrible blogger

Ugh! I know I'm the only one that ever looks at this blog, but I suck at it! I sit on my butt at night and read all the fun blogs and I remember that I'm not cool, what was I thinking when I started this blog? Good Grief!

So, it's Thursday and I'm making a pledge to myself that I'm going to be a better blogger! Who cares if no one reads it but me? Not that anyone knows about the blog, I'm doing it anyway!

More later, I promise myself!

Friday, February 26, 2010

Sunday, February 21, 2010

On another recent trip to my local Goodwill, I found these babies. Only $.99 apiece.
As usual, I had no idea what I was going to do with them, but I knew they had to be mine. When I got home, I put them on the mantle and just let them sit for a while. I decided I needed something sparkly on the mantle, so I painted them white with craft paint (no picture) and then covered them in glitter.

I used Martha Stewart's (LOVE her) glitter in purple sapphire. In the bottle, it looks much less purple than it does on the candlesticks, so they might not live on the mantle, but I still love them!

This is a better picture of how sparkly they are. The one in front is a little blurry, but I think you can tell that they sure do have some shine!