Thursday, March 25, 2010

I promised myself earlier today that I would blog more, so here we go :). This is my workspace. I have a whole room in my house that I got to turn into my craft room and this is my desk. Maybe, when the room is clean, I'll take more pictures. Right now, you can tell that I'm working on glittering some eggs. Eggs I bought last year and wanted to glitter, but never got around to it. As Holly says "you might as well do it for next year" when I realized Easter was only a week away. Oh well. maybe I'll decorate for Easter 2012!

Ok, short post, but I'm sure this will get easier when I finish a project or two. Right now, I'm working on painting my outside table so I can get the umbrella up and pretend it time for summer. I forgot to take a before picture of that, but I'll definately take an after picture :)

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