Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seriously, this stuff just happens to us!

My mom's best friend from high school had heard about the tours we take our out of town guests on, and she made it known that she wanted to go on one the next time she was in town. For some reason that day, we started in Long Beach. We never go there on our tours, but I think we decided to go to Cisco Burger, the hamburger joint owned by Jesse James. We'd been wanting to try it, and even though we were definately on Team Sandy, enough time had passed that we felt we could try it out. I hear it's a good thing we did, because their page on Yelp says that they've since closed down.
As luck would have it, as we were standing in line to order, who should walk in behind my aunt Jill, but the man himself! After we ordered, and he'd eaten, Jill asked him if he would take a picture with her sister (my mom), and he very nicely did. It seemed that he was definately a familiar face in the restaurant, not only with the staff, but the patrons in the restaurant must have been regulars, because i think we're the only ones who even batted an eye when he came in.
Here he is with my mom
And because she'd kill me if she knew I posted that picture, here's me with him.

Jill asked for one picture, and he took two. She would have had him take more, but he pointed out that she'd only asked for one picture, and he'd already taken two. Others were starting to notice what was going on, so we decided not to grab him and make him take more.

The rest of our tour was our normal trip through LA and Beverly Hills, which I'll talk more about some other time.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Grocery shopping

Last night after work, the man and I went to H-Mart, a Korean market near our house. They have so many interesting foods. We love to try new things, and often see foods in restaurants or on TV and then try to create them ourselves. Sometimes we're lucky, and sometimes we're not. Anyway, while we were at H-Mart last night, I decided to snap some pictures. I could only upload a few, so I'll probably post more of other departments another time.
This is just some of the different squash they have.

An Indian bitter melon anyone? We've never tried it, but I'm sure we will at some point. When I see things that I don't know what to do with, I either make a note of it, or take a picture of it with my phone and do some research to find out what we can do with it.
This furry squash is actually furry!
In their meat section, you can buy lots of different types of meat, already marinated.
and there are many different sides and spices to go with them, as well as different types of kimchi.
We go every couple weeks and stock up on fruits and vegetables. They also have good deals on fish and meat, but I don't know how to load more pictures yet, so those pictures will have to come later.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Here's to a better 2012

One of the changes I decided I was going to make in 2012 was that I would blog on a regular basis. I love reading blogs and follow so many, but I haven't been very good about keeping up my own. That will change with this year.

Two and 1/2 years ago, the man, the kid and I moved in together, and bought our first house. Neither of us had owned a home before, so this was uncharted territory for all of us. It's definately a fixer uper, and he was not nearly as excited as I was, but I could see the potential and knew it was our dream house. Since we've moved in, we've done some painting and demo, but the budget hasn't let us do any major construction . . . yet :)

Below are some pictures of the living room that were taken on the day of our inspection. As you can see, the walls are green. All the walls in the living room, kitchen and hallway were green - shiny, shiny green. Each of the three bedrooms had (one still has) blue walls, but more about that later.

This picture is taken from the kitchen through the living room and out to our backyard. That's our realtor there in the backyard, but more about him once I finally have the courage to talk about the nightmare that buying this house was.

I love this picture because it's the before of one of our best tranformations. We took a sledgehammer to that rock and redid the fireplace. Unfortunately, I made a deal that we won't use the fireplace because of the cats, but I still love it.

This picture shows that the previous owners used two different greens in these rooms. We're not sure if they tried to match them, or just didn't care, but they did get the shiny part right.

Anyway, I'll be blogging more about our lives as we transform this house into our dream and just live.