Thursday, January 5, 2012

Seriously, this stuff just happens to us!

My mom's best friend from high school had heard about the tours we take our out of town guests on, and she made it known that she wanted to go on one the next time she was in town. For some reason that day, we started in Long Beach. We never go there on our tours, but I think we decided to go to Cisco Burger, the hamburger joint owned by Jesse James. We'd been wanting to try it, and even though we were definately on Team Sandy, enough time had passed that we felt we could try it out. I hear it's a good thing we did, because their page on Yelp says that they've since closed down.
As luck would have it, as we were standing in line to order, who should walk in behind my aunt Jill, but the man himself! After we ordered, and he'd eaten, Jill asked him if he would take a picture with her sister (my mom), and he very nicely did. It seemed that he was definately a familiar face in the restaurant, not only with the staff, but the patrons in the restaurant must have been regulars, because i think we're the only ones who even batted an eye when he came in.
Here he is with my mom
And because she'd kill me if she knew I posted that picture, here's me with him.

Jill asked for one picture, and he took two. She would have had him take more, but he pointed out that she'd only asked for one picture, and he'd already taken two. Others were starting to notice what was going on, so we decided not to grab him and make him take more.

The rest of our tour was our normal trip through LA and Beverly Hills, which I'll talk more about some other time.

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