Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Viva Las Vegas!

We went to Las Vegas for the weekend a couple weeks ago and one thing I love to do is visit the atrium at the Bellagio.  They change out the display for the seasons, and in March, they were all ready for spring.  The room was covered with all types of flowers. 

These two bicycles were leaning against the fence like someone just left them there while they went to have a picnic.

There were umbrellas painted like flowers hanging from the glass cceiling and bumble bees were flying among them.

They almost always have at least one water feature of some sort and this season they had this mama swan and her two babies floating through a river . . .

 and this boat full of flowers.

If we didn't like to gamble so much, I would love to live in Vegas.  Unfortunately, I think that the man and I would never see each other, and we would end up living in our cars :(.

On this trip, we also went to the Hoover Dam. The man, kid and I had never been there and two of us really appreciated it.  One of us liked it, but didn't appreciate it as much as the other two.  She was more interested in getting to the gift shop and back to the car with her grandma.

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